About Lily Noelle

Meet The Designer

Heidi Noelle Kliewer is the founder and designer of Lily Noelle, LLC.  Since childhood, Heidi has had a flair for style and a love for jewelry.  Heidi attributes her love for color and all things beautiful and unique to the creative and talented women in her family.  Her mother, aunts, grandmother and great grandmothers all excelled in the home arts and instilled an appreciation for beauty and quality craftsmanship in her.    

While working as a high-school math teacher, Heidi began designing her own jewelry and received rave reviews. Soon, friends and family members began commissioning her original designs and she found herself spending nights and weekends filling orders. In 2003, Lily Noelle Jewelry was formed in Virginia Beach, VA.  

About the Company

Lily Noelle is an original line of jewelry meticulously crafted from semi-precious stones, sterling, crystal and vintage items.  The process of each design begins with Heidi personally selecting each stone while venturing to shows and auctions worldwide, and ends with heart-felt customer service . Lily Noelle’s studio is based in Columbus, Ohio, but home parties, art shows and web sales have taken Lily Noelle designs around the globe.  

Making A Difference

In 2006 and 2007, Heidi traveled to the Dominican Republic to help a group of women learn the art of jewelry making.  As a result, an organization was formed to provide at-risk women with education, training, and the skill-set necessary to earn an alternate income with dignity.  A portion of each jewelry sale benefits these women in the Dominican Republic.  By choosing Lily Noelle, you are providing humanitarian aid beyond the pleasure it brings to decorate your favorite styles.